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Do you know your Body Mass Index (BMI)? Did you know that if you have a BMI of above 30 you are prone to many health complications? And did you know if you have 50 or more pounds above your average weight as per your BMI you are considered overweight? Obesity is a serious cause for concern today as more and more people are leading sedentary lifestyles and putting their healths at risk. The health risks associated with obesity are well known – heart complications, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, all which are life threatening to say the least.

Not to be discouraged though. There is some good news in form of a program known as Optifast. This is a whole new approach to obesity and if the current statistics are anything to go by, it is taking the world by a storm. See when Optifast came into being, it was only limited to consumers in the US and Canada. Today, thanks to the many success stories and attributes it has received over the years, it has become an international commodity, and is actually the most sought after product today among weight watchers and obese individuals.

Optifast is a whole new and unique approach to the obesity menace. The diet program is designed by legendary physicians, nutritionists and counsellors and is about using a caloric-controlled liquid formula very potent in nutritional value. Perhaps the other great thing about this diet program is that it comes with counselling sessions, a learning process that will help you not only shed off the unwanted pounds but also maintain the right amount of weight through healthy weight management options.
The Optifast diet program is backed by thorough research that entails educating the users on the right lifestyle changes to make, and more importantly portion control methods and personal support. Simply put, upon assuming this program, you should be ready for a total transformation of your unhealthy habits that will see to it you achieve your desired ideal weight.
What to expect of your Optifast program
• First round medical and lifestyle assessment and tests
• Continuous monitoring of your health in the entire weight loss phase and beyond
• Easy to follow regular exercise program
• Continuous counselling on nutrition, lifestyle, and general weight management
• An in-depth look at liquid weight loss formulas and the healthy food choices you can make at home

This diet program lasts for a total of 26 weeks where the first 12 weeks entail total meal replacements; another 6 weeks entail gradually getting re-introduced to solids and maintaining regular healthy diets and 20 weeks of thorough counselling on behaviour, attitude and nutrition. Note that during the first 18 weeks into the Optifast program, medical supervision is done through weekly visits to the doctor and group counselling.
As mentioned, if the current statistics are anything to go by, then this program is the light at the end of the tunnel for morbidly obese individuals. It is the success stories that act as motivation behind the success and popularity of this diet program.

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