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If you are like many people on a mission to lose weight, you wish you could stitch and staple your mouth shut so you can avoid the temptation of putting all that you come across in the mouth, but this is something that is impossible to do. Today more than ever before, people are very conscious of their appearance and health, justifying the availability of a million and one weight loss diets in the market. As is expected, there are weight loss diets which are effective and others which are ineffective. The ineffective diets encourage people to live on diet pills or juices alone, others claim to help people lose as much as 10 pounds a week, while still others will encourage avoiding a list of foods in order to lose weight successfully.

On the flip side of the coin there are diets (read south beach diet) which have proven effective, well at least if the current statistics of success rates are anything to go by. Perhaps the main reason why the South Beach Diet is such a success is because it is a very easy and straight forward diet to follow and besides it is very clear on instructions, explaining why you have to eat, and not eat this and that. The South Beach Diet is the wonderful work of the celebrated Arthur Agatston, who takes the time to explain why there are good and bad carbs, and the difference between the two.

According to Agatson, when you consume food rich in carbs, you will get hungry in an hour or so since the body has the natural ability of digesting carbohydrates very fast. In the process, your blood sugar levels will rise. Based on this, the South Beach Diet advocates for the eradication of carbs and replacing them with unprocessed whole foods and green veggies and fruits. The other thing that comes across clearly on this diet is the notable difference between good and bad fats. Good fats, according to Mr. Agatston come from foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, not to mention the obvious unsaturated fats. Their bad counterparts on the other hand include saturated and Trans fats. Thus basically, you should avoid red meat and make fish, chicken and lean meat part and parcel of you.

Last but not least the South Beach Diet has 3 phases which makes the diet complete. Undoubtedly the best thing about the phases of this diet is that, unlike others which get complex as you progress, the south beach diet actually becomes easy to follow and within a short time it becomes a habit. During the first phase you are expected to get rid of most carbs, sugar, and veggies, a process that takes circa 14 days. Phase two you can eat most fruits and veggies and add some healthy grains. It is the second phase that is the most important of all as it is a phase in which you actually get to lose the extra pounds that you wish. Phase 3 is about maintaining the achieved weight loss results and this phase is continuous, it doesn’t have any time limit.

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