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We all want to have flat abs don’t we? This urge for flat abs has been triggered by the search for that elusive yet admirable 6-pack which is only seen in the movies and soap operas. Luckily, there are so many products and equipment in the market to help achieve the 6-pack, if only you could take the time to search for one that suits you. There are machines that will contract the abs; others will twist the waist, while still others are designed specifically to help in doing crunches.

One thing however that you ought to know when wanting to achieve the 6-pack is that spot training alone doesn’t help much, it has to be coupled with some cardio exercises so fat can be melted away. Thus, exercises that focus on expending fat so the abdominals can be clearly defined are the best abs exercises that you should be looking at. Luckily, the market has several customized exercise programs that focus on toning the abs in a healthy and safe way.

A very good example is the Hip Hop Abs formulated by renowned Hip Hop Abs instructor Shaun T. This involves the Tilt Tuck n’ Tighten technique which, when coupled with some choreographed dance moves, you are able to chisel your Abs without compromising on your health. The Tilt Tuck n’ Tighten technique entails tilting the shoulders forward as you tuck your tail bone while at the same time tightening the abs section. Even though this may take some regular practice to master the technique while concurrently following the choreography, in a matter of days it will be on your fingertips.

Nothing beats dance as an exciting way of working out the abs because while in it you will actually be enjoying the dance moves and not feel anything but the next morning is when you will notice the impact of the workout in your abs section. While the Hip Hop Abs program is tailored towards tightening the abs, Shaun T has gone ahead to customize other workouts that specifically put emphasis on the abs.

Some of the Hip Hop Abs workout that specifically targets the abs is Ab Sculpt 1, Ab Sculpt 2 and of course the much loved Last Minute Abs. What these workouts do is to specifically tone the abdominal and oblique muscles while keeping the entire body in shape. This is because they accelerate the heart rate meaning while toning the abs; you will simultaneously be burning fat that lies beneath the muscles. Another example of Hip Hop Abs offered by BeachBody to tone and burn fat is the Turbo Jam which makes use of a move known as the Turbo Tuck to detach the abs in the workouts.

There really is no secret or shortcut formula to achieving flat abs, you have to put in hours of hard work and use a well balanced diet. A fun workout program such as the Hip Hope Abs will not only help you in achieving the abs that you desire, you will be able to stick to the program longer because it is exactly that – a fun and exciting way of working out the abs.

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